Rain and Marshmallows

Devon momma with her 6 hour old heifer calf!!

Devon momma with her 6 hour old heifer calf!!

Woke up to a nice wet farm this morning, a happy sight after the parched dryness of this summer. Fingers are crossed here at the farm that the little rain we have had over the last week leads to some healthy grass this fall. With no pasture left to speak of, we have begun feeding hay to our cow herd. Woke up this morning to a delivery of 40 marshmallow hay bales which now litter our parking area! We are thrilled to have this quality hay for our cows to chow on. Wrapped hay bales are fermented hay that can often have higher protein content and better taste for the cows. These advantages come from not being raked so heavily during the drying process needed for dry hay and from the retained water content in the hay which reduces the cows need to drink water and secrete saliva. Can't wait for the new moms to get a chance to chow down! Our second to last baby of the season dropped yesterday afternoon! A beautiful little girl and a proud mommy as you can see in the picture. Pete is off to meet Jen in Nigeria as of today so please feel free to reach out to Ben for the next few weeks if you see any animals out or notice anything amiss! His number is 781 572 6937. Pete returns September 7th! Hope everyone is having a great summer! Come by the store for fresh chicken until Monday!


Ben Schlosser

Assistant Farmer

781 572 6937

Volunteer and long time friend of the farm George Travis helps unload our first load of hay!

Volunteer and long time friend of the farm George Travis helps unload our first load of hay!


Hello and WELCOME!!

We are so excited to welcome you to our new website and eCommerce store! With our arrival at Codman Community Farm just a few months ago, we are now embarking on a quest to improve all aspects of the farm and our new website is just the beginning!

Our goals for 2016 are ambitious but it all starts with YOU!  We are hoping to expand the Codman Community and Pete and Jen's family of fans and to invite all that are interested to stop by the farm, say hello, visit the NEW Farm Store (packed full of goodies) and say howdy to all the critters around the home farm and varied farm fields.  We have much in store and hope you will sign up for our newsletters, become a member of the farm, and support us during this year of opportunity.

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