Critter update!

While the weather outside has been a bit wet and soggy the critters on the farm continue to grow and prosper!  We've made it through the long winter, cool spring and we are happily gearing up for the warmer days ahead.  We thought May would be the warmer days ahead...but maybe that will be June this year!

HENS, Toby and Andy

Toby, as seen below, did a great job protecting the flock of hens all through the winter.  We are happy to report we had no major predation in the greenhouse or the field behind the greenhouse where the hens had been pecking away at any morsel of grass left over from last summer.  This is a big change from the year before when we had many foxes and fisher cats stop by the farm for a mid-winter snack.  

Meet Andy!

Andy is our newest livestock guardian dog!  He is a 1 year old anatolian shepherd/akbash cross just like his big cousin Toby.  Andy is a slightly skinnier version of Toby and can be seen (but not touched!) on Codman North field just down the road from the farm.  Andy will live with our older flock of laying hens (Toby is with our new flock on Codman South hill) for a month or two and then he will assume responsibility for protecting our turkeys all summer and fall!  We are excited to have two wonderful and dedicated dogs on our team.  (photo by Ines)

Photo by Ines Boehnert


New Calf!

We have a new calf!  This beautiful Red Devon was born last month.  Seen in this photo she is less than a week old.  Red Devon's are a heritage breed of cattle that we keep here on the farm in a closed herd.  This means we have no other types of cattle co-mingling with the herd and their genetics are kept pure to the breed.  All of our Devon's are registered to ensure their genetic lines.  Did you know all our cattle are 100% grass fed?  We never feed them any grain...just grass, grass and more grass!  In the winter we feed hay, of course, and wrapped wet hay called baleage. This is slightly fermented hay which is quite tasty for the cows.  It smells good too!  We will soon be moving cows to pasture which they are quite eager for. We've been busy setting up new fencing in Farm Meadow field (near Donelan's) and have other pastures almost ready for them to graze.  It's been a busy spring and will only continue to be busier as we launch all the critters onto pasture!


We have piglets!  Of our five sows three had piglets!  All our heritage breed pigs are healthy and doing great.  Many folks have already stopped by to check out the piglets, seen below, which are are in the front pasture.  This momma took on her sisters piglets and began nursing them when her sister couldn't be bothered.  She is now in charge of 14 spry little piggers.  

Meat birds

Our meat birds are getting huge!  One more week until harvest!  The weather has not been the best but they are enduring. This warmer weather this week will surely make them happy.  We will have lots of chicken for the first harvest next weekend. Make sure you stop by to grab some!