Codman CSA Card

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Codman CSA Card

from 25.00

Purchase a Codman CSA Card and support the farm while also earning FREE $.

This incentive is For ANYONE who loves a good deal AND supporting Codman Community Farms!

The Codman CSA Card, now in it’s second year is a unique way for you to support the farm and all the great sustainable farming we are doing right here in Lincoln. It allows you to purchase ANY item in our store at a discount.  Most CSA's don't give the consumer any choice in what they receive.  With our model YOU are in total control and you get a discount on any item you purchase.   What could be better? Maximum flexibility and value right up front! 

When you purchase a card we essentially give you FREE $ on the card.  The funds loaded on the card will NEVER expire, can be used for ANY of our products (except for online purchases) in our Farm Store and is so easy to use with our self-checkout terminal.  If you already shop at the farm why not lock in some savings and support the farm with a card today?  Plus, you'll never need to scrounge for exact change again! Just swipe and go...


Signing up is easy!

  1. Select the amount that suits you (see purchase levels below)

  2. Checkout and pay right now.

We will mail you your card within 48 hours!  DONE. 

Your card will be active immediately and can be used just like a credit card.  The card never expires and when your balance reaches $0 just deposit the exhausted card in the pay box at the farm store and order a new one online.

If you lose your card we can replace it and value on the card for a $10 fee.

>> As another incentive we are offering 1 FREE DOZEN EGGS if you pay by CHECK and mail in your order.  This saves us the credit card processing fees.  Print out THIS FORM and mail to Codman Farm. <<

Only cards with a value of $300 and above receive bonus bucks!  Your card will be mailed to your home within 48 hours!


$300 + $15 = $315

$500 + $35 = $535

$700 + $55 = $755

$900 + $90 = $990

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WHY are you offering this amazing incentive?

We greatly benefit from having start up funds to begin each season.  Farming is expensive, especially each spring when the farm needs to purchase baby chicks, piglets, feed, bedding and many other items.  Your early investment in the farm helps our cash flow tremendously.  In exchange for a bit of $ early in the season,  we thought it was only appropriate that we return the favor with a thank you in the form of free credit.  Consider it interest on your investment in the farm!  Plus once you have it, you will love it..and no need for cash!

What if I lose the card?

No worries!  We have a database of all the cards issued and can re-issue you a new card for a small fee of $10 for administrative costs.

How do I know what the balance is on my card?

Easy!  After each purchase the balance will display on the screen of the self-checkout terminal.  A farm employee can also assist you in checking your balance.

Does the card expire?

The funds on the card never expire and are yours to spend in any way you wish.  

What items do you carry in your Farm Store?

We carry a wide variety of local items for both omnivores and vegetarians! We of course have our own 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken and pork, and we also grow or purchase in local produce year-round, local cheese, fermented vegetables and a large assortment of local and hard to find pantry items including local flours, grains, beans, honey, maple syrup, jams, shrubs, teas and more…

On another note, WHY aren't you taking pre-orders for chickens this year?

Because we have increased the amount of Cornish and Freedom Ranger chickens we are growing and no longer feel it's necessary for folks to reserve these birds in advance.  Our hope is that our loyal customers and community members will purchase the Codman Cash Card and use the card to save money on chickens all throughout the season.   HOWEVER, we ARE still taking pre-orders for Capons, Specialty chickens and Turkeys since these are specialty birds we only grow once during the season.