Laying Hens - start your own flock


Laying Hens - start your own flock

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Always wanted fresh eggs?

Start your own flock today!

Reserve by March 31st and get 15% off! (use promo code: layerdiscount2018)

We have a new flock of Golden Comet laying hens arriving in mid April. Order a few and start your own flock today!

READY to LAY hens will be 16-17 weeks old and should begin laying within 5 weeks.

Golden Comet Chickens are a cross breed utilizing the Rhode Island Red Male and the Rhode Island White Female. They lay a brown egg.  Under proper management can lay 300 eggs the first year! 

The Comet breed developed from this particular cross is a hardy and robust dual purpose breed with superior egg laying capabilities.  We have been growing Golden Comets for years. They are great for a backyard flock. Very friendly, curious, and productive!

These birds are custom grown for us at a farm in Pennsylvania.

Beaks are fully intact for good foraging.

Please order a minimum of 2 -3 hens so they keep each other company.

Reserve your birds by March 31 and 15% off!

Enter discount code: Layerflock2018

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Pick-up: Birds are expected to arrive by April 15th at Codman Farm, exact date and time TBD, 1 week notice will be given

Bring own box/crate to bring home your chicken(s).

MUST be picked up with 24 hours of arrival at the farm in Lincoln, MA or an additional $1 per bird per day charge will be incurred.