Turkey: Pre-Order 2018 - Deposit


Turkey: Pre-Order 2018 - Deposit


Tasty, healthy and happy pasture-raised turkey

Hatched at a Bob's turkey farm in Massachusetts

  • Raised on pasture and forage crops
  • Pasture based diet supplemented with Certified Organic grain
  • Large breasted bird with lots of white meat
  • Birds consume large amounts of green, lush pasture and forage which contributes to very flavorful and healthy meat
  • No GMO's or synthetic anything
  • Please indicate your preference of "small" or "large" below.
  • Processed fresh on October 26th, available for pickup fresh through October 29th. Then frozen.  Frozen birds can be picked up at the farm anytime until Thanksgiving, they will be held for you until that time.  Frozen tastes same as fresh.
  • $6.59 lb
  • Small - 10-15lbs
  • Large - 16-25lbs
Reserve Now

PICK-UP: Begins Saturday October 27th.  Time TBD.

Birds will be kept fresh until Monday evening following selected day

Turkeys will be frozen after initial pick-up and kept on farm  

After harvest and with full payment birds can be reserved based on actual weight - pickup of frozen bird is at customer convenience; come whenever you can before Thanksgiving.

Pick up at: 58 Codman Road, Lincoln MA

Deposit is per-turkey and is non-refundable