Join the Codman family!

Volunteers are always welcome at Codman Community Farms, whether you’re interested in helping with the chores, collecting and cleaning eggs, planting, painting or fixing – we can always find a place for you. Some people help out on a regular basis, some seasonally and others on a one-time basis. Groups, teams, and individuals are all welcome.

Our needs include:

  • Pick your own garden planting and maintenance
  • General garden and grounds maintenance
  • Farm store displays
  • Events organization & publicity
  • Egg collection
  • Hay mowing, storage and delivery
  • Carpentry, sign painting
  • General farm chores
  • Marketing/PR
  • Communications writing, design and layout

*NOTE: Individuals interested in volunteering on the farm must first complete the application below, then download the waiver, and emergency contact forms and return them to the farm in person or by email:

Volunteer Application

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Please include the name of the Organization, your responsibilities while you served and how long you volunteered there.
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Codman Community Farms would like to thank you for your expressed interested in helping our community to preserve Lincoln's agricultural heritage. We look forward to working with you and hope this will be a great experience for you!